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About Aquafix:

AQUAFIX MILIEU B.V. has more than 25 years of experience in the field of wastewater treatment and

In our own factory we develop, manufacture and sell high-quality products for civil engineering,the
building sector, and the plumbing and installation sector.

We manufacture products of synthetic material (PE/PP), concrete and stainless steel (aisi 304/316) or
coated steel.

We also are dealer/retailer of various top products like for instance the brands: HOMA, GRUNDFOS,

AQUAFIX MILIEU B.V. delivers her quality products through the whole of Europe, the United States of
America, the Dutch Antilles, Surinam, Bulgaria and China.

In our factory in Mijdrecht (Holland) we manufacture the following products: Flap valves, penstocks,
sluice gates, grease separators, coalescence-separators, parallel plate oil-separator, pump-stations,
prefab pipe systems, sewage treatment-systems, shut-off valves made out of HDPE, concrete and
stainless steel.

The factory is equipped with the latest machines and tools.
Two of our production halls are accommodated with a 12,5 tons overhead travelling crane, so that we
are able to handle and process the heaviest concrete wells.


Aquafix delivers her products among others to:

Albert Heijn Supermarkets, Carrefour Supermarkets, Lidl Supermarkets, V&D La Place, Various
(international) hotel chains, department stores, Mc Donalds, Palace on the Dam Amsterdam, Schiphol
Airport, Rotterdam Airport, Airport Zaventem (Brussels), Curaçao Airport,Shell, BP, Texaco, Total,
Olympic Games London, Olympic Games Sotsji, Harbour of Antwerp, Harbour of Rotterdam, Harbour
of Calais, etc.

Aquafix and the standards:

Aquafix follows the standards closely. The Aquafix separators have been adapted in an early stage since the European adjustment of the standards were introduced. The Aquafix separators have been on the test bench at the accredited institution TÜV LGA Rheinland in Würzburg, Germany.
At this place the Aquafix separators were tested according to the most strict requirements on a positive

Aquafix & Draining

Whether it’s about draining of wastewater from a professional kitchen, industrial estate, parking lots, airports etc. Aquafix has the solution for you.
  • The advantages in short:
  •  The factory and the head office are centrally located close to Schiphol Airport and Rotterdam Harbour.
  •  Made in Holland
  •  Products and personnel are TÜV certified.
  •  High service level.
  •  High Quality.
  •  Competitively priced.
  •  Fast delivery time

AQUAFIX MILIEU, clean water for now and later.


Genieweg 20-30 3641 RH Mijdrecht

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