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Düker is a medium-sized company with a tradition of more than 550 years, specialized in high-quality solutions around water – with innovative products made of sustainable, healthy materials, which do not pollute the environment and promote the hygiene of the important good water. With its products and the focus on enamel products, Düker is one of the leading manufacturers of fittings and pressure pipe fittings for drinking water supply, as well as pipes and fittings for building drainage.

The Karlstadt factory manufactures grey cast iron drainage pipe systems for water evacuation from buildings as per EN 877. High-quality cast iron sewage pipes combine high sound insulation and non-combustibility with longevity and easy installation.

The Laufach works offer ductile iron fittings as per EN 545 for pressure pipelines in water supply and sewage systems. A large range of products makes Düker the top address for water suppliers and pipeline constructors with special requirements. A full range of gate and butterfly valves, hydrants, non-slam check valves and plunger valves completes the offer.

The specialty is the surface protection with high-quality enamel. Unlike standard coatings, enamel forms a compound material with cast iron and therefore represents the best and most hygienic corrosion protection.


Würzburger Str. 10 - 16 97753 Karlstadt, Germany

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